Students Reap Rich Harvest o­f Awards at 106th Annual Ceremony

October 23, 2013
Dan Bautista, Division Director San Bernardino County Probation Department was keynote speaker for Boys Republic’s 2013 Awards Ceremony. Mr. Bautista’s presentation offered both understanding and encouragement for students making the transition to adult responsibility.

Boys Republic held its 106th Annual Awards Ceremony on September 12. Nearly 300 of the agency’s teens and staff, local officials and proud parents gathered to honor selected students. Financial recognition at the awards ceremony ranged from $100 to $2,500 scholarships for outstanding scholastic or leadership achievement or overall program success.

Unlike traditional schools which offer educational scholarships, almost exclusively, Boys Republic presents awards that can be utilized in a variety of ways to help deserving students meet immediate or longer-term personal goals. Scholarship funds may be used to help further a student’s education, but just as often, it may become a deposit on an apartment for a graduate with no family to return to, or it can buy food, tools, training or appropriate clothing to help a graduate qualify for a job.

Among the awards presented at the ceremony were:

  • Frank & Marianne Graves Scholarship of $1,000 each to Guillermo Alvarez, Andrew Arias, Alan Domingo, Marcus Priestly, Eric Mendez; $750 each to Victor Acosta, Luis Chavez, Daniel Ghanbari, Isaiah Hall, Eric Walker; and $500 each to Kevon Alford, Michael Aquino, Joseph Barreda, Sectino Bradley, Christopher Buford, Khackik Chiroglyan, Christian Duran, Joseph Meza, Daniel Perez, David Tangitau and Sunny Veth;
  • Fowler Merle-Smith Family Scholarship of $1,000 to Kylee Draper;
  • Delight Groves Scholarship of $500 to Brian Garcia;
  • Mark M. Davids Leadership Award of $200 to Jesus Castillo;
  • Everett and Jane Houser Scholarship of $1,000 to Carols Salazar;
  • Steve McQueen Scholarship of $1,000 to Carlos Gutierrez;
  • Neile McQueen Scholarship of $1,000 to Raul Gonzalez;
  • Terry McQueen Scholarship of $1,000 to Natasha Michael;
  • Michael Madsen Scholarship of $1,000 to Ernesto Orozco;
  • Carmen Combs Scholarship of $1,500 each to Vallerina Hopkins-White and Tramont Myles;
  • Don and Carol Bremer Endowed Aftercare Assistance Award of $1,000 to Sectino Bradley;
  • Ed Korbel Scholarship of $1,000 to Aaron Nevarez;
  • Eldon Woods and Roger Fletcher Scholarship of $1,000 to Christian Corona and $500 to Sammy Carbajal;
  • Charles & Rae Leavitt Scholarship of $500 to Angel Gomez;
  • Joan C. Toomey Scholarship of $500 to Jose Parada;
  • Barbara McQueen Brunsvold Scholarship of $1,500 to Enrique Plascencia;
  • Elizabeth Winkler Scholarship of $1,000 to Shanequa Roa;
  • Pasadena Auxiliary Bridge Club Scholarship of $750 to Diana Toro;
  • Paul and Mary Ganobcik “Nothing Without Labor” Scholarship of $1,000 to Sunny Veth;
  • Oscar Morrison Scholarship of $500 to Erik Fender;
  • Friends of Steve McQueen Support Package to Steven Thibeault;
  • Pasadena Auxiliary Past President Scholarship of $1,000 Esteban Martinez;
  • Boys Republic Employees Scholarship of $2,200 to Jesus Castillo;
  • Virginia Pease Hunt Scholarship of $2,500 to David Jacquez;
  • Certificates of Scholarship Eligibility awarded to Osmara Barrera, John Braken, Eleanor Cordero, Veronica Garcia, Chad Golding, Erik Gonzalez, Jose Gonzalez, Herbierto Jaramillo, Monique Ozuma, Marzel Parker, Alexus Saldate, Freddy Valenzuela, and Freddy Young;
  • Alumnus of the Year Award to Ben Mason; and
  • This year, the Rams Head Award was presented to employee Bradley Jenkins.