Landscaping Class Encourages Plant and Personal Growth

November 4, 2020
WORKING AND GROWING TOGETHER: Students help beautify the school through landscaping. Above two Girls Republic students install sod. This project will tie the Max L. Scott Culinary Arts Center into the rest of the Boys Republic campus.

The gravelly sound of rakes being pulled over dirt and students chattering greet passersby on a bright, sunny day on Boys Republic’s main campus. ROP Landscaping instructor Derek Scott strolls around, giving direction and advice to the students of Monrovia Day Program and Girls Republic.

The students sweat in the heat as they landscape the west side of the new Culinary Arts Center. They’ve already put in boulders and trees, and now they’re preparing the ground to install the sod. Working in pairs the students unroll the grass and trim it to fit the cement borders. Other students dig holes to put in small plants and spread mulch.

When the students are done, they stand back and admire their hard work, proud that their efforts have produced visible results. Their work around the Culinary Arts Center provides them with an opportunity to make a lasting impact on the school through their labor.