Transitional Housing

For:  Adults ages 18-21 who have completed Boys Republic’s Independent Living Program (ILP), and are willing to abide by apartment guidelines.

Purpose:  To provide an opportunity for Boys Republic graduates to live in a subsidized apartment setting while practically applying life skills, gaining job experience and completing a vocational training program.


  • 6-18 months
  • Furnished apartment
  • Safe living accommodation for homeless youth
  • Opportunity to practice work habits, learn job skills and gain experience
  • Place to reside while using life skills taught in ILP with real life consequences
  • Chance to practice money management; must pay security deposit, *rent, utilities, phone, food, transportation and all other personal bills
  • Provides assistance locating vocational programs and support throughout their completion.
  • Provides assistance locating and support while completing a vocational program
  • Responsibility to maintain interior and exterior of apartment
  • Weekly meeting with staff to discuss transition plan and apartment guidelines
  • Monthly resident meetings to work out any roommate concerns
  • Monthly community service

Apartments also provide a temporary respite for BR graduates who have been living on their own and due to loss of employment, living arrangement or transportation need short-term assistance.

*The amount paid for rent will be returned to youth upon leaving the apartment to subsidize the next living arrangement.