AftercareThere are many challenges facing the troubled young people of Boys Republic and Girls Republic. One of the most difficult is the transition to home – either to parents and family or to life on their own. The task of finding a job and apartment, enrolling in school, or family problems can place a graduating student at risk of failure.

During our students’ first twelve months after graduation, Boys Republic provides its students Aftercare Program services. Here are the elements of a program proven to increase the likelihood that our students’ return to the community will be as free of difficulty as possible:

  • Community resource counseling
    Counselors walk the graduate through the process of enrolling in school, locating an apartment, or obtaining employment as well as any other resources.
  • Aftercare assistance awards
    Small stipends help students attempting to establish themselves on their own with funds for bus transportation, food, rent deposits, clothing for a job interview or tools necessary for employment.
  • Family reunification counseling
    Counselors meet with the graduates and their families to resolve a conflict or obstacles to the students’ remaining at home.
  • Exceptional medical and dental care
    We treat a number of students whose exceptional or disfiguring medical or dental conditions are not covered by conventional forms of reimbursement but which, if left unresolved, would act as an obstacle to employment.
  • Educational and vocational scholarships
    The Aftercare Program has helped significantly to improve our graduates’ prospects for long term happiness and success through direct funding of college and/or technical training programs.