Masonry Class Helps Culinary Arts Center with Waste Management

November 3, 2020
Masonry students build a trash containment unit for the new Max L. Scott Culinary Arts Center.

Boys Republic’s Masonry class, led by Steve Perez, quietly assembles in the early morning ready to work. Together, they mix the cement and smooth it onto the cinderblocks so they can stack more cinderblocks on top, repeating the process until it is time to go to their next class. The boys are building a trash containment unit that will help with the waste management for the Culinary Arts and Student Bakery programs.

When the structure is built and the course is over, the Masonry students will receive an ROP certificate stating that they have successfully completed the program and have the skills necessary for an entry level job. These work experiences will give the students an edge in the job market that they would otherwise not have had.