Boys Republic Main Campus

1907 Boys Republic Drive, Chino Hills, CA 91709
Telephone: (909) 628-1217 . Fax: (909) 627-9222

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Executive Leadership

Chris Burns

Executive Director

909.628.1217 ext. 209
[email protected]

Staff Directory

Lance Parks

Associate Director, Community Programs

909.628.1217 ext.224
[email protected]

Sterling Scott

Associate Director, Main Campus

909.628.1217 ext. 293
[email protected]

Duffy Blau

Program Manager / STRTP Administrator

909.628.1217 ext.273
[email protected]

Cathy Bertolette

Business Manager

909.628.1217 ext. 203
[email protected]

Liz Goldhammer

Development Director

909.628.1217 ext. 308
[email protected]

Ray Esparza

Intake Director

909.628.1217 ext. 219
[email protected]

Frederico Escobedo

Clinical Director

909.628.1217 ext. 410
[email protected]


Robert Cole

Quality Control / Treatment Director

909.628.1217 ext.219
[email protected]

Jessica Ruiz

Treatment Director / STRTP Administrator

[email protected]
909.628.1217 ext. 297

Garry Hodge

Treatment Director

909.628.1217 ext. 277
[email protected]

Chris Colflesh

Supervisor Graves Cottage

909.628.1217 ext.251
[email protected]

Anthony Garza

Supervisor Hunt Cottage

909.628.1217 ext. 254
[email protected]

Jayson Moore

Supervisor McCormick Cottage

909.628.1217 ext. 252
[email protected]

Quinn Castro

Supervisor Brewer Cottage

909.628.1217 ext. 249
[email protected]

Jodi Jacobson

Human Resources

909.628.1217 ext.318
[email protected]

Lisa Recendez

Academic Advisor

909.628.1217 ext.272
[email protected]

Derek Scott

Supervisor Maintenance and Landscaping

909.628.1217 ext. 269
[email protected]


Joe Underwood

Culinary Operations Manager

909.628.1217 ext. 242
[email protected]

Bryan Bertolette

Supervisor Security and Transportation

909.628.1217 ext. 270
[email protected]

Karon Rios

Wreath Sales and Shipping Manager

909.628.1217 ext. 227
[email protected]

John Lemieux

Wreath Production Supervisor

909.628.1217 ext.260
[email protected]

Joe Delgado

Farm Supervisor

909.628.1217 ext.261

Mark Landeros

Planned Activities

909.628.1217 ext. 256
[email protected]

Cynthia Vaca-May


909.628.1217 ext.216
[email protected]