Michelle Martinez

At her mother’s insistence, Michelle reluctantly entered our Monrovia Day Treatment Program in August of 1996. As a single parent, her mother was struggling to keep her from failing grades, truancy, and getting into trouble. Michelle initially resisted participating in the program’s group discussions and continued to struggle with her grades. Her mother’s love, support and encouragement were an unwavering influence on Michelle’s positive transformation. She later admitted that once she realized the power of the group’s support, she slowly began to embrace all that the program had to offer. Her grades improved, she began to participate in all of the discussions, and she earned the trust and respect from her peers as well as her staff. In August of 1997 she received an honor certificate from Boys Republic, returned to Covina High School and earned her diploma.

Michelle then went on to earn her AA degree in Criminal Justice. In the spring of 1999 she became a full time employee at Boys Republic, working at our Monrovia Day Treatment Program. With her personal experience of being a participant in the program, her abilities to work with the students came naturally. Michelle continues to earn respect from her peers and has been recognized as the employee of the quarter.

She has since been promoted to a number of positions and is currently the Program Director of our El Monte Day Treatment Program.