Evelyn Guandique

Evelyn attended Boys Republic Monrovia Day Treatment from January 2009 to April 2010. She was raised by her single mother. Her biological father had no type of contact with her and only lived 30 miles away. She struggled with peer pressure, drugs, school truancy and repeatedly running away. Evelyn hit “rock bottom” and was searching for help but didn’t know where to turn. While attending Boys Republic she learned how to deal with her issues appropriately and used her peer group to help get through her struggles. Evelyn worked on her relationship with her mother and had family groups to consistently deal with issues. She learned to be honest and challenge herself in order to make the necessary changes in her life.

On April 16, 2010 Evelyn graduated with her High School Diploma and as a Program Honor Graduate from Boys Republic. Shortly after, she moved into the Transitional House in the back of Girls Republic. Evelyn is currently in the process of completing her certificate to become a Surgical Technician.