Executive Director: Chris Burns
Date Established: 1907
Corporate organization: Private, nonprofit
Annual Budget: $16,000,000
Age of children served: 13-17
Total Capacity: 250
Geographic Area Served: Southern California

Mission Statement

Boys Republic and Girls Republic seek to give adolescent youth with behavioral, educational and emotional difficulties an opportunity to achieve their maximum potential for responsible, self-directed life within the community.

Proven Treatment Philosophy

Teenagers thrive on responsibility. Require them to be accountable for their behavior, provide them with meaningful learning opportunities, and they in turn will develop the internal controls and motivation to become productive, contributing members in our communities.

A Full Continuum of Care

  • Main Campus: Located in Chino Hills, students live in cottages of 25 residents each, within an open and sprawling 200-acre farm and on-grounds school. This is a highly structured setting appropriate for teenagers needing close supervision.
  • Community-Based Residential: These are smaller residential facilities for students who can benefit from a less-restrictive setting. Boys’ facilities are located in communities of Los Angeles, Pomona and Santa Ana, while Girls Republic is located in Monrovia.
  • Transitional Apartments: Boys Republic’s transitional apartments, known as “Eagles Landing”, serves Boys Republic graduates who have nowhere to go.
  • Independent Living Program: The Independent Living Program provides youth approaching adulthood with hands-on life skills experience necessary to learn how to function as independent and productive adults.
  • Day Treatment: Intensive day treatment provides at-risk youth with an educational program, supervised after-school activities and family counseling. Youth continue to live at home.

Multidisciplinary Services

Public Education
Group Counseling
Drug Education
Educational Testing
Individual Counseling
Psychiatric Services
Family Preservation
Family Counseling
Parent Education
Medical, Dental & Vision
Independent Living
Aftercare Assistance & Scholarships