1909 – Kate Fowler donates 230-acre ranch in Chino Valley to serve as Boys Republic’s permanent home.
1911 – Kate Fowler organizes founding of “Junior League of Pasadena,” later known as Pasadena Auxiliary of Boys Republic.
1914 – First Auxiliary rummage sale held.
1923 – Pasadena Auxiliary becomes ex-officio member of Boys Republic Board of Directors.
1923 – Pasadena Auxiliary helps promote Della Robbia wreath sales.
1925 – Dairy test barn built with Pasadena Auxiliary funding.
1944 – “World’s Largest Rummage Sale” moved to Pasadena Civic Auditorium.
1949 – Olympic-size swimming pool built with Pasadena Auxiliary funding.
1952 – Gymnasium constructed with Pasadena Auxiliary funding.
1958 – Eldridge Fowler Cottage on Main Campus renovated with Auxiliary funds.
1963 – Kate Fowler Library built with Pasadena Auxiliary funding.
1978 – Renovation of Kitchen/Dining Room with Pasadena Auxiliary funding.
1986 – Auxiliary opens Boys Republic Thrift Store, ending “World’s Largest Rummage Sale.”
1990 – Frank Graves Cottage built; Pasadena Auxiliary makes lead gift.
1990 – Girls Republic established with gift of property from Pasadena Auxiliary member. Auxiliary provides furnishings.
2001 – All-weather running track installed at main campus with Pasadena Auxiliary funding.
2004 – Community Building constructed at Transitional Apartments with Auxiliary funding.
2007 – Girls Republic Transitional Apartment furnished with Auxiliary funding.