Baking and Pastries

This is an exciting year for the culinary department at Boys Republic with the completion of our newly constructed teaching bakery. Over the past three years a dream has come to fruition. A dream which entailed Boys Republic students learning the art of baking and pastry while producing the very products needed for breakfast, lunch, and dinner service. The inaugural class began in early February and is creating delicious artisan breads and laminated dough’s used for croissants and danishes. Sweet desserts like crème brulee, blueberry cheesecake and red velvet cupcakes await our students and staff at lunch daily.

The bakery itself includes state of the art large production equipment found in bakeries across the world. Our students will learn the science behind baking and the techniques used for small batch production such as whipping a meringue by hand, but ultimately learning how to operate a planetary mixer, artisan deck oven, and spiral mixer proficiently will give them a great advantage when searching for work in this field. The baking and pastry class have truly embraced this new program and we are delighted to see their enthusiasm grow with each new day.